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Prep/Page Orientation/Templates



Jobs must be submitted as one PDF file [2 sided jobs must be supplied as a single PDF file, with both pages supplied with consistent sizing as well as with correct file orientation].


Note: if at all possible try to avoid the use of borders.  If they are too close to the cut line, the final product may appear slightly off center.


All files must be supplied with 1/8" bleed overall in height and width.  All important copy must be within the safety area.


Download our templates in order to ensure artwork is prepared to specifications.

Page Orientation




















Note: Please ensure that specs are met in order for production of desired design intent.

Templates [Download]


3.5 x 2

2 x 3.5 /w/ rounded corners

3.5 x 2 /w/ rounded corners

Medium Grey is Safety Line

Orange is Cut Line

Dark Grey is End of Bleed Line


Day Turnaround


Turnaround time begins the day following file submission.  If there are problems with submitted files, the job will be placed on hold and the turnaround time will begin once the problems have been resolved.




5 Day turnaround is subject to volume.